The Season that Flew...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - 18:45

I was just updating some sponsor stuff on the site and noticed I haven't put any news up since October!
I cannot believe how fast this winter/spring season has flown.
We have been very lucky to have had a great season both with regards to our own horses and our clients.
Leslie's horses have really come on with Toute de Suite continuing to be one of the top young horses in the entire country, if not THE top 7 year old in the country. New ride, Fernhill Whatever, is proving to be quite a competitive intermediate horse and we look forward to what he will progress into in the future and have really enjoyed having his owners the Greyside Syndicate come on board. The Anderson's Call the Law, Irish 5 year old, has placed in all of his trainings and is ready to go prelim, and Beatrice Rey-Herme's (owner of Toute de Suite) other young horse Unborn de Lelo stepped up to the plate and had a successful start to his prelim level until a minor injury has sidelined him for a few months.
Lesley's horses What Law and Bounce are as well doing their part for the team. What Law recently won an open intermediate last week and young Bounce has placed quite a few times this winter.
Exciting news was the formation of the Law Eventing Syndicate LLC which has purchased a very exciting six year old for Leslie named 'Rule of Law'. This horse was 3rd in his first outing in America and we cannot wait to see what he will be doing in two years! Two shares of this exciting young horse are still available so please contact Lesley if you are interested in hearing more about this opportunity to own such a special horse. (see photos of 'James' here)
We have also been blessed with exceptional clients this year. Students both young and not as young lol, who have excelled in the Law Eventing program. I believe at the last Rocking Horse we had the top four placings in the amateur prelim division! We are very proud and very honoured to have each and every one of our students and believe in them and their goals.
Within a few weeks the season will be over, Lesley is going to the UK to look for another young horse to add to her crew and Leslie is traveling to Ireland to take help some people find their dream young horse. Leslie will as well be traveling to Rolex to help his friend Jon Holling hopefully kick some butt and then we will be starting in on what is always a busy clinic summer season.
All the best to you and yours and hope to see you on the circuit soon.
L&L xo