"After riding with Leslie Law for a little less than a year, we were ready to purchase an intermediate / advanced horse as Missy's current intermediate mount was ready for a slower paced life with a young rider.  Missy traveled to England and met Leslie there in November 2008.  Not only did she have a fabulous, quick trip, she rode and saw many fabulous horses.  Obviously Leslie is from England and knew who to call and where to go.  After riding many horses we settled on Pembridge Swingtime, a 9 year old mare that has only gotten better since her and Missy's partnership.   The entire ordeal of traveling to England, where to stay, who would pick Missy up at the airport, all that is involved, was very efficiently handled by both Laws.  Then, after selecting and purchasing a horse, the Laws also handled all that is involved in getting the horse to the US, from horse air transport, quarantine and finally her arriving where Missy was currently living in Ocala.    It can seem overhelming traveling to Europe to buy a horse, but dealing with the Laws was so easy and efficient both financially ( of course depending on how much you can spend ) and peace of mind knowing that Missy would be "taken care of" while traveling to England on her own.
Since we have owned "Swinger", Missy's confidence and outings at events have only gotten better.  Missy is a much smarter rider, more confident.  Placings aren't what matters, how you rode is what matters.  We have finished way out of the ribbons at times and Leslie is there thrilled with what she did do and not what she didn't do and so is Missy.  Missy takes so much pride in the smaller accomplishments than a blue or red ribbon.  But I have to also admit there have been more blue and red ribbons since riding with the Laws!"
~ Susan Miller, mother of 2010 Young Rider Silver Medalist Missy Miller
"I can't immagine anyone more qualified than Lelie Law to find the best quality horses in the world. His eye for a horse's potential, and his understanding of each riders individual needs, paired with his international contacts make him the most capable horse
broker. I had  a very tall order and a relatively small budget. Leslie was able to find me the world class horse I was after while keeping in mind my budget.  There wasn't the time to fly to England to try out the horse before makeing a decision, but I had no concern.  If Leslie liked the horse that was all I needed. Leslie is not only a man of superior ability but also great integrity. I have had the horse only a couple of months. He won his first outing from start to finish on his dressage score. I think we'll keep him!  I was so blessed to have Leslie's help in finding Bratton. I could have looked my whole life for a horse like this."
~ David Acord, owner New Heights Training Stables, CA.
"Shopping in England with Leslie Law was an exhilarating experience, watching the Gatcombe horse trials in front of "Princess Ann's pad" (castle), driving fast on country lanes, visiting horse sale barns, and of course finding the right horse, its an eventer's dream!"
~Kelley Kays-Everett, Texas.
"Cooper is the kindest, bravest horse I've ever had the opportunity to ride, and I am so lucky you guys found him for me.  He has made all the difference in the world for my riding and my confidence.  He is so patient and willing, not only under saddle but also on the ground, and we have just made leaps and bounds of progress in the 10 months I've been proud to call him my partner and family member.  Thank you!
~ Jenny Fuog, Virginia.