Summer News and Notes!

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 18:15

Time just seems to fly past faster and faster every year! Here is a brief update on what has been going on with our lives!
People ~ Sadly we lost our long time Barn Manager Kerri Short to a man! She has gone off and gotten married but luckily still lives quite close so we get to visit often. We wish her all the very best of luck and hope to keep her in our Law Eventing lives in some manner or another for a very long time. The loss of Kerri has brought some new faces into the barn. Lexi Scovil joined us for the summer having come from a long history with our friends Holling Eventing so she has been a real asset to our team and we are looking forward to her involvement with us longterm. Jackie Walling, who was a wonderful working student for us for almost a year, had to return home and thus Golly Tabatabaie and Kathy Nolan are our most recent working students. Golly and Kathy have proven to be enthusiastic and positive ladies to have around and we are looking forward to a fun fall with them.
Students ~ Proudly we had two students preform at the Young Rider's Championship this summer. Calvin Ramsey and Autumn Schweiss both rocked the two star and we were very proud to have been a part of the journey.
Clinics ~ Leslie has been jet set around the world and back again doing clinics. Leslie and Lesley enjoyed doing camps together in both Indiana and Minnesota and currently Leslie is doing a four day high performance clinic in Alberta where they always have a fabulous turn out.
Horses ~ Our horses are such gems. They just never stop trying and almost always perform up to or exceeding our expectations. Baby Bounce and Murphy (the two Irish greys we bought 8 months ago) have really stepped up and won their share of prizes. Both have recently upgraded to training and prelim. What Law is, as always, a total dream and has just won his first event back since his vacation after his spring two star. He won on his 27 dressage score. Fernhill Whatever was recently 2nd in an OI and will be headed towards the AEC's and Fairhill this fall. Tout de Suite has been the wonder horse. Having won or placed at multiple two star CIC or CCI's this spring at the age of 7 we are really just waiting around for him to get older! Due to his young age and his accomplishments thus far, he will have a light fall and come out next year to start his first Advanced year! Cooley's Rule of Law sadly had a scare with colic this spring but luckily did not require anything cut out yet due to this he has had a light last few months and will gear up again this fall. He is such a talented horse that we didn't want to risk anything with him! Lesley has a fabulous new horse called 'Above the Law'. Look for him this fall doing prelim! They just did their first training together and placed 5th. Lastly, 6 year old Unborn de Lelo is continuing his prelim year and will be headed to the AEC's as well this fall.
We are so proud and lucky to have all of the above horses and so grateful to their Owners for entrusting us with their wonderful horses.
Other News ~ Liam Law has been busy with swim lessons this summer and has reached level 4 in swimming which seems a miracle as last summer he really struggled with it so it has been quite fun watching him come on this year. We have just signed him up for soccer (or Football) so as you can imagine, Leslie is quite excited for that.
We recently knocked our house down and are in theory, building a new one. So far this has been a total nightmare but we remain hopeful that things will get easier soon! We have been living out of a suitcase at a friend of ours house so things have been a bit hairy at times but we are so lucky to have each other and enjoy each other so much that it makes it just fine.
I think that is about all the news thus far this summer. We will head to Full Gallop next week and then Chatt Hills two weeks later. Please come visit if you can and say hello to our wonderful horses!
All the best,
Lesley & Leslie xo