Zenith ISF is the big Weiner.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 06:45

Poplar proved to be quite the event for us all.  Most newsworthy was the fact that Zenith ISF had his first big advanced win in what was only his third event at the level.  He is an outstanding horse and has been such a Cinderella story for us thus far.  We are excited to see how he handles the CIC *** at the Fork in a few weeks!

The prelim boys all did a decent job getting ready for their first big three day in a few weeks and Leslie as well rode M. Jordan's very nice Irish Diamonds to third place in the advanced as Mitch just had her baby two weeks ago!  Other exciting news was that our longtime working student Kerri Short placed 7th in the CIC ** which was a great achievement for her.  As well we had numerous other students placed in the intermediate, prelim and training horse trials.  It was a super weekend all around aside from poor Christa who had a tip up on the advanced with her horse and seperated her shoulder.  Hopefully she will be back in no time however!

We will leave you with Z's clear show jumping round that lead to his win!  All the best... L&L