August Flies by and AEC Success...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 06:15

Cannot believe we are into fall months already!

Start of August brought a new event for us with Full Gallop.  It was Zenith ISF's first run back since Bromont three star and he was clearly glad to be back as he won the Advanced/Intermediate division.  Joining him in the ribbons were Toute de Suite in the training and What Law in the prelim!  We were pleased with the event itself and will look forward to returning there someday.

Next it was on to the American Eventing Championships at Chatt Hills.  We had a plethora of clients attending this event (11 students in all, some with multiple horses..) so I had decided early on that it was best for me to stay on the ground so Leslie rode all of our horses there.  True to his form, Leslie did a fantastic job with all horses.  Zenith ISF, at only 8 years old in his first year at that level placed 5th in the advanced.  Toute de Suite at 5 years of age and in his first year of eventing, placed 5th in the training.  My boys What Law and Billy Wiz placed 1st and 5th in the prelim.  As much as at times I regretted not riding, it was so nice to be able to watch all our horses go around for the first time.  There is a huge amount of pride we take in these four horses as for the most part, we started these guys at their very first event until now and to have watched them come on to be such wonderful horses that enjoy their jobs is fantastic.  Our students had a mixed bag of results as is always the way with numbers and horses however, we can hand on heart say that we were proud of everyone of them for doing their best and presenting themselves in a way we are proud to be a part of.

We are off to Poplar this weekend and then it will be a long wait until the next couple of events.  Zenith ISF and Toute de Suite will be heading off to Fairhill for the three star and the young event horse championships.  The other horses will head to Chatt Hills for their October event.

We are looking for a new working student to join us mid-November so please email with any interest.  Our wonderous Christine is going home sadly and we need someone to fill her spot.

(The sj photo of Zenith was taken by the USEA and the water jump was kindly offered by some lovely stranger on Facebook! Thanks guys!)