Don't let the flu get ya down...

Monday, March 4, 2013 - 05:45

The outbreak of EHV has certainly made us think twice about what we do and where we go down here.  We recently scratched all of our horses and students from the Rocking Horse event as we just thought it were better to play safe than sorry.  Primarily we had novice and training horses and student attending and it just didn't seem worth it when there are plenty of other events coming up for them to attend.  We are wondering whether Red Hills will be effected as we desperatly need the qualifiers on some of our horses to get to the three-days this spring.  Here's to hoping that there are no new finds within the next five days or so!

Aside from that, we have had a fairly bright start to our year!  Leslie's horses have come out true to form with Toute de Suite pretty much winning every prelim he touches, Zenith ISF flew around and placed well in his first event of the year (an intermediate) and then placed 6th at the advanced at Pine Top.  Beatrice Rey-Herme (owner of Toute de Suite) has purchased a new ride for Leslie named 'Unborne de Lelo'.  Despite his unfortunate name, Leo is actually a very handsome, rising 5 year old anglo-arab that we recently brought in from France.  Although green in his flat work and show jumping, he is a cross country machine already and never has turned an ear!  Leslie is convinced that although god only knows what his dressage and show jumping will turn into, the horse will gallop around a four star!  Leslie has also been successful on our young Irish horse 'Cloudy and Cooley' who has been placing well at training and will no doubt move well into the prelim level this summer.

Lesley's pair of young bays, Billy Wiz and What Law started off the year with a bang with both placing in their prelims.  They then went on to have Billy Wiz place 4th at his first Intermediate and What Law has placed in the top 8 at three of his first 4 intermediate events!  Lesley is in love with both boys and was very sad when on Valentine's Day Billy messed about in his paddoc and ended up straining his pastern which has resulted in him needing one month off.  Clearly not the end of the world but very bad timing on Billy's end with regards to the season!  What Law has been keeping up his end of the deal however and we look forward to having Billy out eventing again this summer!

Find videos below of both boys showing off their star potential!

Aside from our ponies, we have been having a wonderful time with our clients who have been both having success at the events but also selling their horses!  Both 'Zoe' and 'Intrepid' have found new homes in the past month and we wish their owners all the best of luck.

Leslie has recently returned from a UK shoping trip and we will no doubt be returning there late April to mid May so please let us know if you are interested in joining the trip.

With any luck we will be off to Red Hills next, then Poplar, then the Three-Days.  Hopefully this outbreak will not stand in our way.  All the best of luck to all our horsey friends and family! xo